Month: April 2013

Sleeveless Tank Tops for Work

When it comes to deciding on appropriate work attire during the summer months of the year it can be difficult. Many offices have a very strict dress code that needs to be followed and this can be make it hard to know what type of summer fashion pieces qualify and the ones that don’t. No […]

A Guide To Swimming Pool Equipment

Investing in a swimming pool whether it is an above ground or in-ground of whatever size and shape is only the basic concept. Installing the necessary swimming pool equipment and having complete supplies together with vital pool accessories form part of your investment. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to take care of […]

Tips For New Casual Wear Varieties

Casual wear is typically the dress code for hotel dinners, family reunions, and certain social gatherings. Skin exposure is the majorly pronounced fashion in terms of casual wear. The exposure of the back, shoulders, and thighs is not acceptable in this type of clothing. Many casual clothing are made in order to highlight colors as […]

What You Should Know About Airport Parking

Located in Newark, New Jersey, the Newark Liberty International Airport caters to myriads of airlines that fly to different spots around the world. Albeit, the commutation to the airport is available in an array of forms such as taxis, shuttles, rail lines, and buses, scores of travelers choose to drive to the airport and park […]

It Is All About Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel, as the name refers, is the kind of clothes usually worn by athletes while playing games and sports. If we see the athletic apparel in the context of both men and women, we see that both have different kinds of apparel. It depends upon the nature of their sports that what kind of […]

Modern Home Design in 4 Easy Steps

There’s something that’s just plain appealing about having a modern home with modern furniture. In recent years, modern home design and decor has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in terms of the number of home builders, modernized subdivisions and modern furniture outlets that are out there. Want to be part of hottest new trend […]

Discover The Wonderful World Of Teas With Tea Of The Month

A tea of the month club sounds a bit like a book club and in a way it is. You get to sample different varieties of teas and similar to a book club, you get to know things you wouldn’t usually confront yourself with. If you are set in your ways, this isn’t for you, […]

Vintage Aprons – 3 Reasons to Collect and Wear Them

Here’s three reasons why you’ll enjoy collecting colorful vintage aprons. They are great for the beginning vintage collector because they are usually reasonably priced, each one is unique, and they have an interesting history. So, tie on a printed cotton kitchen bib apron or a frilly sheer hostess coverup and discover this fun and pretty […]