3 Important Tips for Buying Chess Sets

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ttThe game of chess as we know it today has its roots in the 2nd half of the 15th century emerging out of Southern Europe. Once an obscure game considered to be an intellectuals only game, it has blossomed into one of the most popular games on the planet with clubs devoted to nothing but strategy and execution of the game.

The game itself is played on a 64 square checkered board with a fairly complex set of rules. The game is very strategic with some players calculating moves out several moves in advance. A number of books have been written on the subject of strategy and knowledge when it comes to the game of chess and you can simply do a Google search for Chess Strategy to be inundated with options.

It’s hard to know exactly what to look for in chess sets if you have never purchased one before. Luckily, we have some great tips to help you find chess sets for sale that will benefit you in all the ways you want. Just follow the tips and you will have a beautiful chess set to enjoy before you know it!

Tip #1 Match the Board and Pieces

Having a well made chess board requires equally well made chess pieces. If you are in the market for chess pieces you can pretty much buy whatever you like. However, keep in mind you want the pieces and the board to be of the same quality. You also want the chess pieces to match the board. Don’t buy overly large pieces for a small board or overly small pieces for a large board.
You will enjoy playing chess more with a chess board and chess pieces that complement one another. You can buy a chess board that comes with pieces made specifically for that board, as well.

Tip #2 Buy What You Can Afford

Too often we look for the cheapest product and buy it for its supposed value. However, that is not exactly what you should do when looking for chess sets for sale. You can of course search out a bargain as long as it is a great chess set, just make sure the chess set is of high quality. The reason why you should spend your entire chess set budget rather than looking for a cheaper set is because chess sets are heirlooms. Not to mention you can enjoy the same set for all your chess games.

Also, when you play with a well made, quality chess set you will enjoy the game more. There is just something about playing chess on a finely crafted board with well made pieces. You will notice the difference immediately. And of course, a well made chess set will last your entire life.

Tip #3 What Type of Chess Set do You Need?

Another important tip to keep in mind when looking for chess sets for sale is to consider what type of chess set you need. First of all, where will you store your chess set? If you plan on storing it in a closet it doesn’t matter much, but if you want to display it on a coffee table then make sure the woods match well.

Also, how often will you play chess? If you are a daily chess player then you need to invest in a very durable chess set. If you simply want a chess set to complement a table or room then you can buy a different type. If you only want to play chess when you are traveling then travel chess sets are a better choice for you. Just keep in mind what you want to use your chess set for and that will guide you to the right set.

Just follow these tips and any personal inclinations you have when looking for chess sets for sale. You will find just what you need to meet your chess playing needs as well as last you a lifetime.

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