Are Interactive Dolls Worth the Money?

Are Interactive Dolls Worth the Money?

Little girls and their dolls will forever be connected. It seems like every girl in the world has had her favorite doll as a child. While many kids grew up playing with baby dolls, these days little girls are able to play with interactive dolls that actually talk back and do other things. These dolls are meant to make learning fun and help children with the early developmental skills such as talking and singing the alphabet.

trThe Little Mommy Baby Knows doll is one of the interactive dolls that amazes little ones. A girl can have hours of fun pretending to be a real mom to this doll because there is so she can do with it and learn from it. She loves to play, teach and sing.

In fact, Mattel made this doll to be interactive from head to toe. She can recognize and even name her tummy, hands, toes, eyes, mouth and ears when your little girl puts her hands over those areas of the doll’s body.

This girl’s doll also plays games and sings songs such as the ABCs so that your little girl can spend her time learning and playing. Your little girl probably won’t even know that she is learning all that she does. The Little Mommy Baby Knows doll is also bilingual so your girl can learn some words in Spanish as well. Where I live that is an important thing to learn and it is so much easier to do when you are young. In this way you are giving your child a step up.

These kinds of interactive dolls are great for little girls because they are not only playmates but also teaching tools. These days, kids need all of the education they can get even when it is play time. By disguising learning as fun, little girls can enjoy the process of working on their developmental skills.

Additionally, playing with a doll while acting like a mother can help a child develop sympathy and kindness. These are all great character qualities that both boys and girls need to possess as they get older.

Interactive dolls come in many different varieties, races and price ranges. Some are more suited to teaching about numbers and letters while others get more advanced such as teaching words, counting and other languages. The main idea is to allow a child to have fun and learn at the same time. You can find these kinds of dolls online, so it pays to do some research and look for sales. Just be aware that at Christmas time these dolls could be in short supply.

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