Different Types of Riding Boots

Different Types of Riding Boots

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gbRiding boots are generally used for horse riding and motor cycle riding. These are classic footwear and come up in low heels nowadays. They have a heel of less than an inch. These shoes prevent the foot from being slipped through the strirrup during horse riding. If you are interested in motor cycle riding or horse riding, you can opt for them. The market is flooded with these kinds of footwear nowadays. You can find a plenty of styles in these shoes. Not only can you use them for horse riding or motor cycle riding, you can also use them for your pleasure purpose.

Some popular styles of riding boots include tall boots, paddock boots and cowboy boots. The tall boots are the shoes that end below the knee. Hunt boots, dress boots and field boots are included in this specific variety of this footwear.

Field boots come up with lacing at the ankle. People wearing these shoes are more comfortable riding with a highly flexed ankle, which develops from shorter strirrup length needed for work over the fences. These kinds of footwear are the favourites with jumping disciples. You can also see police officers wearing them.

The dress boots do not have any kind of lacing near the ankle. They are usually stiffer and are worn by eventers, dressage riders and at fox hunts. You can also see riders of the show jumpers with these shoes. These are traditionally black coloured.

Top boots or hunt boots are usually black in colour. They have a tan cuff and are best suited for fox hunting. The half chaps that are worn over the paddock boots actually duplicate the visual line and protection of tall boots.

Paddock boots are also a popular kind of riding boots. These boots are usually short, which come above the ankle. These shoes are most often used for everyday use and pleasure riding. They are also needed for the saddle seat riding. You can find individuals wearing them with the half chaps for an added protection. This also gives an impression of the tall boot.

The boots that come up with laces are usually seen in the hunt seat riding. You can come across the Chelsea boot style in both saddle seat and hunt seat disciplines. These shoes have become quite common in the market. They are best suited for work purpose or gardening and are not appropriate for riding owing to their deep grooved, heavy soles.

The riding boots are made from smooth leather like cowhide or pigskin and this is the reason why most of them have a classic look. Materials like vinyl, synthetic leather and other materials are also used for manufacturing them. When going to buy them, you may often see that the quality of the leather may vary. If you want good quality footwear, always go for reputed brands that manufactures shoes using softer and finer quality materials.

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