How to Choose a School to Study a Language Abroad?

So you decided to travel abroad to learn a new language or to improve your language skills! There can be many reasons why you made such a decision, but one thing you all have in common is the concern about choosing the right school for you. Indeed, the first thing you will realize when you start looking for a language course or a language school abroad is the immense variety of options you will have to choose from.

xfThis is especially true if you choose a popular language in a popular destination, like French in Paris or Spanish in Spain or Mexico for example. So how do you choose the right school for you between all the options you have in front of you? We might know someone who has been or someone who knows someone who has been to the destination we want to go, so this person could recommend a good language school, from personal experience.

This is the ideal situation, but what if you don’t know anyone who can recommend you a good school? And even if someone recommends you a school because they had a good experience, there might be another school even better for you because it has prices more adapted to your budget. Or there might be another school that offers a program more adapted to what you are looking for; all the schools don’t all offer the same programs, some have better programs for kids, some have better programs for seniors, some have better programs for business people, some are specialized in study and work programs or in study and volunteer programs…

And if you want to learn a language in a destination that is not so popular for studying, like Thai in Thailand, or Korean in South Korea, there might not be as many options to choose from, but then comes the concern of security, quality of the teachers, location of the school…

You might just want to travel and study for a couple of weeks, in which case you want to get the most out of your trip by attending a school that offers a teaching of really good quality. Or you might want to travel and study for several months, maybe one year, in which case you need to be sure of the reputation of the school before signing for a long-duration course.

In any case, the decision of choosing a school when planning to study a language abroad is a very important decision. So why not use the services of an expert: a study abroad agency. Those agencies have a very thorough knowledge of what programs each language school is offering and they know the reputation and specificities of each language school, so they will save you a lot of time! Furthermore, those agencies develop strong relationships with the language schools and always keep informed about special deals the schools might offer.

To sum up, using the services of a study abroad agency won’t cost you anything, it will save you a lot of time and it will guarantee that you study in a school offering quality language programs adapted to your specific needs.

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