Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer For Alkaline Health and Mobile Convenience

Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer For Alkaline Health and Mobile Convenience

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jpA water ionizer can be a great addition to your kitchen if you are health conscious, yet when you leave the home, these machines are not exactly easy to take with you. However, a hybrid portable water ionizer can provide the same range of acidic and alkaline water, yet can either be attached to the faucets or have water poured directly inside it for use anywhere.

Healthy Hydration with Alkaline Water
Keeping hydrated with water has long been promoted as the most important element in a healthy lifestyle, but ensuring that we drink the best quality water is often overlooked. Alkaline water is considered by many as the healthiest source of water for obtaining optimal health and wellbeing and aiding disease prevention.

Being rich in antioxidants, alkaline water helps combat excess free radicals ensuring that they are only able to fight bacteria and are unable to eat away at healthy tissue. It is also very effective in cleansing toxins from both the skin and intestines leaving them better hydrated and able to absorb important minerals. This can be a highly noticeable benefit as digestive and skin problems are generally the first and most obvious symptoms of other more severe health complaints.

Perhaps the most motivating of alkaline water benefits is its ability to promote weight loss and greater energy in the body. Fatty deposits are full of excess acid which comes from highly acidic foods and pollutants common in our diets and environment, and low energy is a by-product of excess acid in the body. Thus by alkalizing with both alkaline forming foods, and the more easily assimilated alkaline water, our bodies can naturally break down these fatty deposits and boost our energy.

What to look for in an Alkaline Water Ionizer
In order to reap the alkaline water benefits, a good quality water ionizer will feature several platinum dipped titanium plates to ensure a good range of water pH levels, from around 3.5-11pH. It should contain a carbon activated filter to remove unwanted impurities in the water and preferably an SMPS power supply for cooler operation and a more even power distribution. Furthermore you should ensure that a water ionizer has a high negative ORP, which is its oxidation reduction potential, i.e. its antioxidant strength.

Greater Convenience and Value with a Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer
Whilst there are many different brands of countertop and under sink water ionizers on the market, there are very few portable machines. Other types of products are available for producing alkaline water on the go such as pH drops and alkaline water bottles, but these will only provide personal drinking water at one pH level. However, a hybrid portable water ionizer can be attached to the faucets like a regular ionizer machine, but also allows you to pour water directly inside it providing a variable range of pH for cooking, cleaning and sanitizing anywhere. It is lightweight with an SMPS power supply and just 4 platinum titanium plates, yet still produces a pH range of 3.5-10.5ph and high antioxidant strength of up to -300 ORP. Perhaps best of all, this great value machine costs less than half the price of standard water ionizers making it great value and convenience for healthy alkaline on the go.

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