Ideal Horse Blanket: Great Ideas On Getting One

HorseLoverZA horse blanket is an indispensable material that is needed in keeping a horse warm and protected from all harmful elements the environment has to offer. These include dust, rain, snow or too much heat. Diseases which are spread through flies and mosquito bites also count here. For your information, this animal may be likened to a human being that needs comfort and protection from appropriate clothing through all types of weather. Also known as a rug, this material is also helpful in keeping older horses from getting chills after a long day of exercise or activity. This is because older horses need more help in maintaining body weight and temperature than the younger ones.

Horse blankets for sale out there vary in shape, size and color. If you are looking for the best models available, visit a tack shop to make purchase. Such a shop specializes in riding equipment and other materials meant for the well-being of horses. More often than not, a well-known tack shop also has an online store available. If you got no time to spare, you can simply choose from a variety of rugs online and your choice will be delivered to you soon after purchase.

There are different kinds of blankets which you would encounter. But the three general ones are the stable rugs, turn out rugs and sheets. The first type is obviously used for keeping horses inside the stable clean and warm. During winter months, owners use them to slow down the process of coat growth after their horses have been clipped. Since it is meant to be used inside the stable, this rug is not waterproof and not advisable to use as protection against the rain.

The turnout horse blanket, on the other hand, is perfect for outdoor use. It can protect horses fending or roaming outside under the rain or the snow. It is safe to say that this rug is waterproof. The sheet is a middle ground between the two types. It can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the case. Inside the stable, it can keep a horse squeaky clean. Out in the field, it can keep a horse warm and chill-free after exercising.

Other rugs that are available in tack shops and equine stores include cooler blankets, fly sheets, rain sheets and quarter sheets. Coolers are used in keeping horses from sweating too much as such case can lead to chills. Fly sheets protect horses from all kinds of disease-causing insects. Rain sheets obviously protect horses from rain especially when they need to remain outdoors. Lastly, the quarter sheets provide protection to the horses’ vital organs when riding.