Looking to Find the Best Treatment For Cat UTI? Your Search Ends Here!

If you have a cat that is suffering from urinary tract infection and if you are wondering what the best treatment for cat UTI is, make sure you read this article fully. In this article, we are going to take a look at the treatment options available for feline urinary tract infection.

fcWhen it comes to treating feline urinary tract infections, you have two choices – prescription drugs and natural remedies.

Prescription drugs

A lot of people are under the misconception that antibiotics are the best treatments for cat UTI. While antibiotic drugs can certainly control and eliminate the infection, they do not reduce the risk of recurring infections.

Prescription drugs, as most of you are probably aware of, have side effects. Each cat varies in terms of their ability to tolerate different medications. Antibiotics are what is known as a specific treatment, meaning they address the specific problem,meaning infection, not why the infection started in the first place.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies, homeopathic remedies in particular, are considered a safe and effective way to provided added support for urinary tract infections in cats. They help to address the cause of the infection, restore the urine pH balance, soothe the bladder and the urinary tract, and help strengthen urinary health during the healing process. To be clear, in mild cases they can help the body heal itself, in severe infections, it is best to use a supportive approach like natural remedies in addition to antibiotics.

Berberis vulg, cantharis, and staphysagris are some of the homeopathic remedies that can help a cat with feline urinary tract infection quite effectively. They not only help with the infection, but also boost the immune system of your cat and increase its resistance to bacterial infections and other urinary problems.

Homeopathic remedies are completely natural. So, they are not likely to cause any side effects. Most importantly, they do not interact with any other drugs. So, it is perfectly safe to give these remedies to your cat even if it is on medications.

Which is the better treatment?

Based on the facts mentioned above, always use antibiotics when a cat has a confirmed urinary tract infection. In addition, give your cat a homeopathic cat urinary supplement to strengthen the urinary system and boost the immune system. The is help reduce the severity of cat UTI symptoms and speed healing. Continue to use the feline UTI supplement to help protect the urinary tract from future infection. This in addition to providing fresh water to drink and an AAFCO approved diet (check label) will help to keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy.

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