Natural Bladder Control Remedies: The Best Way to Go

Natural Bladder Control Remedies: The Best Way to Go

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rdIn our society today, self-esteem is what keeps us afloat in this sea of competition, danger and provocative scenarios. Losing one’s self-esteem for any reason, especially because of some overactive bladder that causes one to suffer from urinary incontinence is very self destructive as it could lead to taunting and inappropriate teasing. In instances like this, it is wise to act on the problem immediately through natural bladder control remedies. Natural is the best way to go as it safely upholds normal bodily functions and effectively lessen, if not eliminate, bladder problems. It encourages an optimal urinary control in a natural manner of restoring health.

Frequent calls to the bathroom day and night, the urgency to take a leak and the involuntary leaking of urine are known symptoms of an overactive bladder (OAB). The common knowledge that OAB is an adult illness is false as it can affect men and women of all ages. It does not necessarily go together with ageing, however, majority of the affected parties are mature adults. This is the reason why most herbal dietary supplements for bladder control are made for adults aging 40 and up. Flostat, an all natural bladder control supplement is formulated to aid in strengthening bladder muscles that are weakening and helps in obtaining proper bladder control to minimize or prevent sudden urges to urinate.

Studies show that incontinence has a significant detrimental effect upon the quality of life of the sufferer as it brings about embarrassment, sense of isolation, loss of self-esteem and avoidance of social activity and interaction. This conclusion heightens up the need to deal with overactive bladder that causes incontinence in the safest possible way. One effective way is through herbal medication, i.e. Flostat. These supplements are made up of 100% natural ingredients namely, pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract, each ingredient doing their own role in maintaining bladder and urinary tract health. Sometimes, it is not enough to just take something orally. It takes discipline to complete the healing process like retraining yourself with regard to bathroom trip schedules, increasing of fiber-rich foods intake, doing kegel exercises to tighten pelvic floor muscles, having plenty of rests, drinking plenty of non-irritating fluids such as cranberry juice and blueberry juice. Weight loss is also essential to solving OAB. An increasing weight can put pressure to the bladder which could possibly cause urine to trickle in situations like when you laugh hard, run or shout. Smoking can cause OAB symptoms as well. It irritates the bladder muscles and cause coughing spasms leading to untimely urine leakage. In the event that natural bladder control remedies do not work, surgery is the last option to improve the bladder’s storing ability and relieve pressure in the bladder.

All these things suggest natural bladder control and anyone who wishes to be free of incontinence need to adhere 100% because by simply following these remedies and reminders, you are guided to a sound and hearty living. Let us not be dictated by our bladder, instead, we should take control of it for a happy, healthier and incontinence-free life.

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