Organic Baby Clothing – Products and Accessories

Organic Baby Clothing – Products and Accessories

The rise in popularity of organic products has, unsurprisingly, coincided with environmental concerns such as the effects of global warming. An increasing number of us are concerned to do our bit to help prevent long-term harmful effects in order that future generations can continue to positively enjoy the world in which we live today.

caOrganic products are made using only natural materials and processes. For example, an item of organic clothing might be manufactured from a natural material such as cotton. In order to attain its organic label, this cotton should not have been treated with pesticides and no other unnatural, chemical processes should have been used during its manufacture. Organic producers need to adhere to strict policies in order to use the organic label. The precise nature of these will depend upon the country in which the products are being made; the purpose, in each country, is to ensure that consumers are not misled when they choose organic produce.

One significant organic growth area is currently in the organic baby clothing and accessories market. A wide variety of different products are available:

Organic baby t-shirts – these are available in a range of colors, suitable for boys or girls, and in sizes typically up until the age of 2 years. Colorful patterns can be made with the use of low impact dyes. They are typically manufactured out of natural cotton.

Organic baby pants – these are also likely to be made out of natural cottons which offer a particularly soft feel, ideally suited for sensitive skin. Similar dyes are used in order to create a range of funky and colorful designs.

Dresses – made out of cotton for your infant girl, these can often be purchased up to a size 5. Other products, like camisoles and nightwear are also available.

One piece suits – usually available with poppers to ensure they are easy to put on and take off, they can be high quality and durable and are manufactured from, for example, cotton jersey knit materials.

Organic bedding – since an infant spends a good deal of their time asleep, soft, comfortable organic bedding can assist with a good night’s sleep. Egyptian organic cotton is an especially popular material for this product.

Baby skin care – organic baby product retailers will often offer organic cleaning lotions and balms. These are made out of natural products which can help to cleanse and soothe a baby’s sensitive skin, reducing areas of redness and irritation. Aloe Vera and jucca juice, amongst other things, are often used to manufacture these products.

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