Organic Sunscreen – The Benefits of Natural Skin Protection

Organic Sunscreen – The Benefits of Natural Skin Protection

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juThere is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. Millions of people every year hold true to this philosophy, as evidenced by all the folks that saunter to the shore each summer. We enjoy feeling the sand beneath our feet, walking down to take a dip in the ocean as the summer sun warms our skin.

The sunscreen industry is a multi-million dollar one. Beachgoers stock up on the stuff, lathering it on every part of the body that can be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are so many brands out there that it can be difficult for folks to make a choice. Every sunscreen maker is different, from the packaging to the types of chemicals they use. There’s at least one type of sun cream that doesn’t contain any chemicals, only what is natural.

Organic sunscreens have become increasingly popular in recent years as people have sought a natural alternative to traditional products. These types of creams offer many benefits that mainstream sunscreens lack, namely the absence of synthetic oils, preservatives and chemicals.

(As an aside, buyer beware: Many that claim to be organic actually aren’t, so be sure to read carefully the product’s contents before making a purchase. Many will contain some natural ingredients, but the whole product might not be “all” organic. Also, make sure the item will actually provide adequate protection and is not just a scented lotion.)

A healthy alternative

Natural sun creams are preferred by those who are allergic to many of the chemicals in the mainstream brands. Sunscreen absorbs into the skin, and for persons who are allergic to ingredients like mineral oils or artificial fragrances – often contained in common skin protectors – this could result in problems. So, they depend on organic products for protection from the sun’s UV rays. Many parents with young children also prefer organic sunscreens so they don’t have to worry about what is permeating into the skin of their children.

Environmentally friendly

Most natural skin protectors are biodegradable, a boon to the environmentally passionate. More and more nature resorts, cruise lines and tour operators insist vacationers sport natural sun cream as it’s less likely to damage the landscape.

(This leads to another aside: Ensure the product is actually biodegradable. If it contains avobenzone, octocrylene and other common mainstream sunscreen chemicals, it’s most likely not ecological.)

Protection and nourishment

Many organic alternatives offer special skin care properties, for hydrating and moisturizing. Some of the contents many contain – shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile – contain calming properties that coddle the skin, while protecting you from UV rays. This will provide your skin with the best possible care and protection. Your skin will use these chemicals to rebuild and rejuvenate not only your epidermis, but any internal ailments.

One of the common misconceptions about natural skin protection is that you’ll need to not reapply it as often. Despite the many differences, all sunscreens need to be reapplied at the same frequency, depending on the protection factor. Remain safe and healthy this summer, and enjoy the weather!

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