Regular Massage Chair Therapy For Body Building Improves Performance

Regular Massage Chair Therapy For Body Building Improves Performance

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kqMore and more research studies are showing the benefits of regular massage. Some of the benefits show regular health therapy reduces recover time from injury, increases muscle tone, improves range of motion and increases your flexibility. Just as stretching, diet and exercise are part of your body building routine, regular massage therapy should also be included. It may not always be possible to see a professional therapist. Another viable economic option is a massage chair.

If you body build then regular massage therapy helps you in many ways. It increases circulation allowing the body to supply more nutrients and oxygen. It helps to relax and soften overworked muscles and can soften injured muscles and scar tissue. It reduces the incidence of cramps or muscle spasms. It helps to increase your range of motion by increasing your joint flexibility. It reduces the recovery time from strenuous workouts while reducing aches, pains and discomfort. Massage therapy releases endorphins or your natural pain killer to reduce pain and speed recovery from surgery.

Obviously, bodywork therapy can help your body building regimen and help you reach peak performance. Getting a massage before an important event or workout enhances performance. It also reduces tense muscles, increases flexibility and increases awareness and alertness. In competition, these can help boost your confidence and get you ready to perform.

One of the challenges of getting regular bodywork therapy is reliance of going to a professional therapist. Most body builders have a strict regimen of diet, exercise and nutrition. Finding time to get a massage on a regular basis can be problematic. Massage chairs are a good solution for this situation. These robotic chairs are always available when you need them and their therapies can be delivered at your convenience. These massage recliners can provide you with regular healthy therapy. Studies show that the real benefits of massage therapy are when it is received on a frequent and regular basis.

Shiatsu chairs provide a wide range of therapies. Some of the best chairs have hundreds of different possible health therapies available. Some of the most common are Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, sports and acu-pressure. Additionally, these shiatsu chairs can perform full body massage. A roller system is used for the back, neck and shoulders. The lower body and arms/hands are manipulated using an air compression massage. These health therapies are very effective.

Some advanced robotic chairs also have full body heat. Heat can be applied to different sections of the recliner. This helps to reduce swelling and help blood flow. Also, there are lower body traction systems. These traction systems will stretch out the lower body from the lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. This is especially relieving after a good strenuous work out. Some massage chairs incorporate music players with headphones so that you can relax in your own environment.

Most people think that massage chairs are expensive. However, if you are getting regular bodywork from a therapist, then they really are the most economic way to receive massage therapy. A professional therapist may cost $50 per hour plus tip. These mechanical masseuses can provide an hour of relief for as little as $3 per hour. Most therapy chairs are rated for 1,000 hours. If you purchased a $3,000 chair, then your cost per hour is $3. This is a big economic advantage.

If you body build, then you really should incorporate massage bodywork into your regimen. The benefits of regular massage therapy help you to attain peak performance. Keep your body and muscles in top condition and lessen the chance of injury with regular massage. A massage chair is a great compliment to your arsenal to get regular massage therapy.

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