Ski Goggles for an Amazing Ski Experience

We all know the importance of wearing proper skiing gear and never forget to wear our ski helmets and pads every time we go out to enjoy the sport. One of the most overlooked skiing gears is ski goggles. Wearing the right pair of ski goggles can dramatically improve the overall experience of the sport. Over the past few years, lens technologies have come a long way from photo chromic lens to interchangeable lens. Now, you can easily find goggles suitable for all whether conditions.

Snow Fusion Voucher CodeThere are few important things that you need to consider while purchasing a pair of skiing goggles and finding the right goggles for you.

One of the major challenges for skiers is to identify a white object lying amidst white snow. Adjusting yourself with visual changes within a fast-moving, snow-covered landscape is a tough thing to do. Ski goggles can come really handy in this situation. They are available in a variety of tints that increases the contrast and helps in improving visibility and depth perception under changing lighting conditions. Different tints are suitable for different types of lighting.

Orange is a good choice of lens color for sunny to moderate whether conditions Amber and gold are considered as good option of lens colors for low to moderate light conditions

Brown and grey are great choices for bluebird days

Rose and light-yellow color of lenses are suitable for grey days or overcast weather conditions.

Overexposure to UV rays can cause harm to your eyes as well as disruption to your vision. Even on a cloud day, UV rays can cause harm to your eyes. Especially at high altitudes, where the intensity of the UV rays is very high, they can cause serious problem called photo-keratitis, commonly known as snow blindness

Skiers and snowboarders are seriously at risk considering the wide expanse of snow at high altitude that provide the perfect board for reflection of UV rays to their eyes. In fact, research proves that snow reflects back as much as 80% of UV radiations it encounters. Therefore, it is vital for skiers to wear sky goggles that help in blockage of these harmful rays and prevent your eyes from damage.

To deal with fog, several leading manufactures have introduced advanced ski goggles that help in fog dissipation and provide a clear view even in extreme weather conditions. When you purchase ski goggles, you must take care that it is compatible with ski helmets. Goggles that are not compatible with helmets may cause discomfort causing disruption while skiing.