The New Way to Learn Languages Fast

In days gone past, foreign languages were taught with a dictionary and an accent teacher, learning vocabulary piece by piece through conversion from the student’s native language. This method, tried and true, requires a lot of time and memorization, and never leads to true fluency without full immersion at some point. It is apparent that this method, while useful to a point, is not nearly as effective as it needs to be for efficient language learning.

rkFor these reasons teachers have for some time now sought out a program which could teach a foreign language using the method by which children learn their first language: association and mimicry. Babies learn language by mimicking their parents and associating words and phrases with actions and objects. For example, a child won’t learn that an apple is an apple by being told it, or by reading the word from a dictionary. Instead, they will see an apple and hear their parent call it an apple, and associate the shape and color of the fruit with the word. Simple as it sounds, that is the most effective and natural way to learn a language. But the question has been how can this active learning philosophy be standardized and minimized so it can be used by the general public?

New software available today has been designed with this learning method in mind. By teaching students through visual and audial association, more vocabulary is retained and the grammatical nuances of the language are learned as a part of the process, instead of as a confusing translation from their mother language. In fact, very little if any of the speaker’s native language is used in the instruction in order to each a whole new tongue instead of just a converted one. This method has helped many people to learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, and other languages.

If you are trying to learn a foreign language and have had little luck with traditional software or methods, consider looking into more advanced programs which use the modernized methods of learning a language. They will almost always produce a superior result to the old method, and in our competitive marketplace there are many different varieties available for different prices. Of course, if you are looking for true fluency as fast as possible, nothing beats full immersion! For those of us who can’t afford to live In Greece for a year, however, modern language software offers a great chance to learn a foreign language for business or pleasure.

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