Tips For Buying A Watch

Tips For Buying A Watch

The increasing style, variety and sophistication in watches, often lead to confusion in deciding which one to pick. From precise quartz to completely mechanical watches, a huge range of watches has been made available to us today. Virtually there are thousands of watches to choose from. So before you go to purchase yourself a watch, you need to consider all possible criteria’s that corresponds to your comfort and style. To make the job easier for you, here are some useful tips for buying a watch:


Start by analyzing the reason you want to purchase a watch for? If you require a watch only to read the time, then you must go for a cheaper one. For many others the reason for buying a watch could be to serve as fashion statement, status symbol, fashion accessory, gift etc.


Choose a watch that suits best to your lifestyle. Decide on the basis of your social circle, the places you hang out, your activities, your job and then pick the one from various categories of watch like sporty, casual, classic, elegant, fashionable, functional and materialistic.


Price is definitely an important factor in deciding the suitable watch. citizen watches are available in almost all price categories. Consider the price in terms of its performance. It is always advisable to buy one good watch, rather than buying numerous cheap ones.

Brand worth

For those who are extremely brand conscious also have a huge variety of brands to choose from. There are many famous brands like tissot, titan, and citizen watches etc. You can pick the brand on which you rely the most. Make sure that the brand you have chosen justifies the value for your money.

Waterproof watches

Take a note of different water resistance offered by the watches:
3 ATM (30 m) is least water proof, which indicates it is resistant against rain and scanty water splash.
5 ATM (50 m) indicates it is resistant in surf, sail and swim.
10 ATM (100 m) is resistant in promiscuous underwater activities.
20 ATM or more is resistant enough in diving.

Make a decision according to the amount of waterproofness you require. For those who are engaged in regular water activities must go for the high water resistant watches.


The basic purpose of a watch is to display time and date. Many of the watches also offer additional features like alarm, annual calendar, telemeter, time zone and moon phase display. If you require any of such features you will have to pay extra for it. So buy only if you need them.

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