Need to Keep Track of Employee Hours? – Here Are Three Simple Options

2241) Time Clock Software

Its easy, its automated, and its worth every single penny of the investment. Even if you only have a few employees, adding up time sheets can be a hassle and can take up your valuable time. What better way then to let your employees clock in or out right from any computer screen and then run reports for your employees hours in about 5 seconds. There are dozens of options out there. Look for a software that allows for unlimited employees, offers quality support (there is nothing worse than getting stuck with angry employees breathing down your neck because your software is not working and you have no one to help you), and is visual and user friendly.

2) Punch Clock

Sure punch clocks are old fashioned, but that makes them an easy way for you to find an inexpensive, semi-automated way to track your employees hours. Searching online for punch clocks will yield a fair amount of results and doing a more in-depth search will lead you to some pretty good bargains. There are a few downsides to punch clocks however. One is that you have to manually add up the hours. It does keep your employees honest by not being able to fudge their hours, but in the end you have to bust out the old calculator and add things up the old fashioned way. On a positive note, punch clocks are kind of fun to use are your employees may just overlook the old-fashioned-ness of them because of the novelty side of things…maybe.

3) Time Cards and Sheets

Yep, its old school, but there is one advantage to using time cards and time sheets: cost. Time cards cost a whole lot of nothing, especially is you make them yourself. Downsides abound however, they are easy to lie on, you have to add up all the hours manually, usually employees tend to round in their favor rather than give the exact time resulting in a few hours a month you are paying for but getting nothing out of. When starting a small business though, and you only have a few employees, this might just be the perfect solution for you, if you can keep your employees honest.