Travel Bags for Kids

Travel Bags for Kids

Having travel bags for kids may be frowned upon by some adults as over the top. But, if you think about it carefully and plan it with a purpose, it’s a very sensible thing a parent could do.

ghInstead of packing all your child’s things yourself in a bag that you share with him, ask him to prepare his clothes and other travel necessities with you using his own bag. In this way, he’ll feel more responsible, more involved in the trip, and more likely to enjoy himself from preparation to the trip itself.

When buying luggage for your kid, first things to consider are your child’s age and size. You need to find luggage that he can handle himself. There’s no point in getting him luggage for travel if you’ll be carrying it the whole trip. To help you choose which would be best for your kid, here are some of the types of travel bags you’ll find available in kids’ versions.

A messenger or shoulder bag that’s good enough for overnight or day trips is a good place to start. It can be carried hanging straight down from the shoulder or across the body. This type usually has little pockets here and there that would be good tools for you to teach him about organizing things. If you think your kid isn’t ready yet for preparing or carrying a bigger travel luggage, he might want to start with this one as his cabin bag.

Backpacks or rucksacks are favorites of many kids. Bag manufacturers also love them as they make them in colorful, eye-catching designs for kids – from cartoon characters to juvenile art. They are also available in different sizes, so you can pick which one would fit your child’s torso. Similar to messenger and shoulder bags, backpacks usually come with pockets for organizing.

Roller suitcases are now also made in children’s sizes and designs. If your kid is old enough to handle this type of luggage, it’s a good option. Suitcases like this also come with organizer pockets. Your child can just pull it while he walks with you. Sturdy ones can also be sat on by your kid while waiting for the plane, train, or whichever transport you’ll be taking.

You’ll still see other types of children’s travel bags in stores. It would be best if you can have your kid with you when choosing his travel bag, so you’ll be sure he’d want to use it and that the size would be perfect for him.

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