Types of BBQ Grills – Choosing the Right One

Types of BBQ Grills – Choosing the Right One

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mmNothing is better than enjoying a BBQ with friends and family during the summer weekends. In order to do this you have to have the right grill. There are basically three types of grills that people choose; electric, charcoal, and gas BBQ grills. Here are some facts about each one that will help you choose which the best for your needs is.


If you are wary of using a charcoal or gas grill this would be the one for you. It is quicker to use, less messy, and safer. It has a grate that catches the juices that run off during the process of barbequing. This type of grill can also speed up the cooking process so it will save cooking time. The one downside to using an electric grill is that you will never be able to match or replicate the flavors a gas or charcoal grill gives food. They also need a power outlet to operate so many times they cannot be moved to where it is convenient for you to cook.


This is not only the traditional method of barbequing but it is also the least expensing. All you need is some charcoal and starter to get the fire going. It is a time-consuming method of grilling as you have to watch the food to make sure it does not burn and is cooked completely. It is great for a party that is laid-back and you have a lot of time to tend to the grill and the people who are at the party. It gives the meat a smoked juicy flavor but it can be a little messy. If there are small children around you have to be extra careful that they do not burn themselves


This grill is easier to operate than the other two BBQ grills. It produces high heat instantly and reduces cooking time naturally. It also makes food that will be evenly cooked. A gas grill is custom made to operate on bottle propane. The bottles do need to be refilled, which can be expensive. If you can utilize the gas from your provider or you have a gas line that you can hook up too, which is not that expensive. This grill will also not give you the smoky flavored meat that you like. The grill is quite expensive but is a reliable option when you need a fast option for grilled foods.

Of course, there are other types of grills but these three are the most popular choices. Some of the other types of grills you can find are the pan grill, infrared grill, and the small electric indoor grills. Check out the different BBQ grills and choose the one that suits your needs.

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