USB Hand Warmers – Warm Hands Warm Heart

USB Hand Warmers – Warm Hands Warm Heart

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noPinch me. Am I dreaming? Or is it true. Ergonomic USB hand warmers solve my cold mouse hand problem plus offer therapeutic relief to my aching, over-worked, arthritic hands! The old saying goes, “Cold Hands – Warm Heart.” Actually, the opposite is true. Warm Hands is a Warm Heart because warm hands indicate blood is circulating through the body. When a person has cold hands, that’s a sign of poor circulation. Therefore, warm hands – warm heart prevails!

Have you discovered the hidden value of your computer’s USB port? There are many healthy ways to use the computer to provide therapeutic relief to cold hand pain. This year, I discovered the ergonomic heated computer mouse, heated mouse pad and heated keyboard pad. Plus, a mouse hand warmer USB blanket to tuck my arthritic mouse hand inside to keep cozy warm while using the computer.

The ergonomic USB hand warmers make a huge difference in the amount of time a person with hand pain can spend using the computer. The best USB hand warmers are made using a carbon fiber heating element. Carbon fibers generate infrared heat. Infrared heat is a deep healing heat. It penetrates deeply through the skin’s layers to the muscle tissue relieving stress and strain.

While using the computer and the ergonomic USB hand warmers, a person with hand pain is actually participating in deep healing infrared heat therapy. Not bad! Actually, it’s very good. It’s healthy, and it’s a very good way to prevent the onset of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD) and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. Plus, infrared heat is proven to help increase blood circulation. People who experience cold hands and fingers have poor circulation problems. Using infrared heat about 20-30 minutes daily improves blood circulation to the affected areas. Infrared heat rays create healthy therapeutic relief for the muscles and joints in the hand, fingers and wrist.

Do your hands ache from using the computer? Hand Therapists world wide agree computer related hand injuries are on the rise. We gently pound keyboards and repeatedly click the computer mouse. These repetitive actions take their toll after awhile in the form of painful joints and aching muscles. The use of USB hand warmers like the ergonomic heated computer mouse, heated mouse pad, heated keyboard pad and mouse hand warmer blanket pouch offer a proactive approach to computer-related hand injury.

Ergonomic USB hand warmers are fairly new to the computer industry. They are not available in stores, and just a few online stores have them available. To begin your search, use Google and search for “warm mouse heated keyboard.” Make sure you select ergonomic USB hand warmers designed using with a carbon fiber heating element. Plus, make your purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

There are many hand warmers for sale in a variety of styles. Some of the hand warmers are made of chemicals and can only be used once. Others, are reusable, but the process is not convenient. And, some are microwave heated making the heat last for about 10-15 minutes. Whichever you decide to try, make sure it’s something you’ll use to make your investment pay off.

When using the computer, try ergonomic USB connected hand warmers. They last a long time making your purchase a good investment, and you can use them anytime you are using the computer.

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