The Right Web Hosting Solutions

‘Web hosting solutions’, a term that brings up a million search results in Google. A term that has myriad options associated to it, a term that can generate a fair amount of confusion in the minds of a newbie looking for hosting solutions.

There are cheap hosting solutions, low bandwidth hosting solutions, dedicated server, shared server, Linux hosting, windows hosting, add on services and marketing freebies.

For a person who is unfamiliar with technical jargon, these terms mean nothing but exaggerated marketing gimmicks. So let’s separate the facts from the gobbledygook and simplify it in lay man’s terms.

4Types of web hosting solutions The type of web hosting solution you choose depends on the type of website you have. For example, a website that receives 10 hits a day does not need a server that is created to receive 10000 hits a day and vice a versa.

If you wish to offer your customers a simple website that they can visit each and every time they want to, without having to look at the irritating ‘no server response’ screen, then stick to a basic Linux based hosting plan.
If you wish to have a feature enabled website or a shopping portal, then it’s time to look for specialized packages. The security protocols become a very intrinsic part of the whole deal.
A dedicated server means that the hosting company is the only one to use the server whereas a shared server has two or more companies sharing the same hosting space. Hence, shared server hosting solutions are much cheaper.
A dedicated hosting server is a much better option though because the hosting company has complete control over the underlying operating system and the data applications. It can alter and change according to needs of the company.
Lastly, always compare amongst two or more companies. There are a few unbiased web hosting review websites. Read these for a better understanding about the functioning and efficiency of web hosting companies.